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i write, make icons, do martial arts, and say things others feel the strong need to crack up at and later quote.

i don't update my journal nearly enough, but my darling becca (gabranth) insists that i need to. i do wonder who on earth could possibly care what happens to me on a day to day basis, though.

wall-e is my true love. [and my boyfriend accepts this as fact. haha!]

i also love to read and play video games.

i'm a lot more solitary than is necessarily good for me, which concerns those who play larger parts in my life, the fact that i am totally happy by myself. however, i've found me a group of friends that rock my world so hard the birds fly north for the winter. kendora, wrendolyn, karity, and even rach, you give me reason to crack up in the middle of the night at something that makes no sense. (okay, so i'm not a sappy person. so shoot me. you know what i mean, anyway. ;D)


books; 'uglies' trilogy & peeps [scott westerfeld], ender's game [orson scott card], 'kiesha'ra' quadrilogy [amelia atwater-rhodes], the host [stephenie meyer], 'maximum ride' series [james patterson], tithe & valiant & ironside [holly black], naughts and crosses [i forget], unwind [i forget], the 'warriors' series [erin hunter] and some very overexploited series' such as harry potter. even the 'twilight' series has a soft place in my heart. there are a large number of books i've forgotten to mention, and the list is in no particular order, though i do like some more than the others.

games; 'final fantasy' [especially x and xii, the only two i've actually played], the 'tales of' games [again, especially tales of symphonia and tales of the abyss, which i've played], 'kingdom hearts' [lesser, but still like them a good deal], the 'jak' series [nobody has heard of these, it saddens me...], 'zelda' games [of course. who can hate zelda? okay, majora's mask kinda pissed me off, but...], then of course various mario games. of course, i have wall-e's game for the ps2. i'm also a sucker for games that are way overdone but strangely addicting like guitar hero. eek.

music; skillet is my favorite band. this being said, i normally don't have a list of bands i like, i have a list of songs. every band has a number of songs i like and a number of songs i don't. as a generalization, i hate rap and country and anything oldies. 'impossible' by manafest is a rap song, though, and i can't get enough of it. to name just a few, i love thousand foot krutch, kutless, pillar, toby mac [as close to rap as i can generally tolerate], red, linkin park, evanescence... i tend to have a new favorite song each time i'm asked.


as for iconmaking, i generally stick to the range of final fantasy (all games and movies, though, not just the ones i've played or seen), kingdom hearts, and the 'tales of' series. this is because i've rabidly saved every stock image i can for these three general groups, so to let it go to waste seems like a shame.

i can be commissioned to make a wall-e icon on any day at any time of the day/night. otherwise, for anything else, it's a good solid 'maybe, if i feel like it'.

i am a rather competitive person, so unless it's for someone specific, i have to icon for a contest of some sort, or else it feels pointless. it's just how i am.

as such, you can find me at the following icontests: adventawards, aeris_awards, choco_awards, fabula_awards, fabulawards, ff12_awards, ff7_awards, ff_awards, ff_eye_candy, ff_girls_awards, ff_males, ffmelody, ffx_x2_awards, finalwhisper, gameabc, kh_iconawards, kingdom_abc, kingdom_chorus, talesof_awards, and yuna_awards

i also may be taking a few of the challenges such as the 100icons challenge, or the 100variations challenge. more likely the latter, as i do bannerwork there.


i'm an avid participant in national novel writing month. my current novel is a much larger project than i thought it would be.

due to the sheer number of times i've tried to explain it with no short-answer summary in sight, i'll give you this:

it's a futuristic sci-fi/fantasy/adventure/romance/slight thriller/slight humor with seven main characters and a 12k-word-as-of-one-third-done outline.

this project is absolutely huge, whether it be developing the sheer number of characters or researching various topics (from the effects of a stabwound to x bodypart to where else the protein in hair can be found). let's not forget that i have to invent an entire new world, in the future. 2054ish, to be exact.

my goal is to finish editing by may, which means i have to write it first. it's actually entirely a birthday gift. yeah, who writes a novel for someone's birthday, right? haha...

writing, over nearly anything else, is my life. anything i experience, see, read, hear, interact with at all is fodder for my writing.

after this book and its sequel, i have nine other fully-developed novel plans to put into action, totally unrelated to this and one another.

if you write as well, and are into the sci-fi/fantasy sort of genre, feel free to hit me up. i'd love to chat.

i have no writing journal at the moment, as i don't post my writing anywhere (i'm picky as to who sees it), but i may eventually.


i intend to get more involved places, but as of yet...

bannermaker at:

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